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Valve mic preamps as used by Joe Meek, The Who and every other discerning engineer - we have 3.
Full, Fat, Beautiful and Delicious!

RFT valve mic preamps

Circa 1938. Beautifully open and rich. We have 2 pairs, each set with different valves for tonal variation. Lovely with ribbon, dynamic or condenser mics.


Spec built circa 1950 for a radio station - we have the only two ever built. Both have been modded for individual outs as have the valve equalisers. Fantastically rich for tracking - the transformers compress beautifully - and also superb for mixing through - if you want that original all tube colour flavouring your mix.


Outside broadcast mixer built for Welsh BBC and modified to have 4 individual outputs. Extremely high grade microphone preamplifiers - crystal clear but with rich, sweet colouration from the transformers. Magnificent on vocals and acoustic instruments.

Alice Mixers

We have 4 - and they are all incredible at what they do. The 3 smaller units are used mainly for recording - 2 have Belclere transformers at their inputs (like Neve preamps) and one has a set of Sowters - this one also has limiters on every channel so is angelic on acoustic instruments. The larger unit is mainly for mixing - we like punishing the limiters at the output for the pixie dust and energy they imbue.


We have a whole gamut of interesting professional outboard from top digital reverbs to valve spring reverbs to tape echos to analogue delays - to modulatory devices - valve and solid state compressors and equalisers - plus a bunch of very fine plugins if you're in a hurry. We also like very much the wild creative element so have lapsteels, octave guitars, analogue synths, wind organs and all manner of squeaking honking paraphernalia to scratch that itch!

Custom gear

Victor Custom Workshop Studio Valve Saturator - Enhances, saturates and widens audio.

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